After the acquisition of our startup, Tasty Labs, I became Senior Director of Frontend Engineering at Walmart Labs, from Spring 2013 through 2015. The company was in the process of rebuilding their entire tech stack for the flagship Walmart ecommerce site. My team built the frontend as a modern website optimized for tablet and utilizing today's best web practices. We launched in time for an extremely sucessful 2014 Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
In 2005, while working in the R&D group at Dreamworks Animation, I reverse-engineered the javascript for a brand new website called Google Maps. I then scraped Craigslist housing listings across the country, and overlaid them on top of my commandeered map. The result was HousingMaps, the first-ever map mashup.
From 2010-2013, I was a cofounder of Tasty Labs, a Mountain View startup focused on consumer web and mobile. We released three products: Jig, a social Q&A service for real-world needs; Skills, an experiment in tagging people (as Flickr tags images and Delicious tags URLs); and, a novel way to create mobile applications and distribute them to crowds of workers based on various matching criteria.

Stratocam is a crowd-sourced collection of the most amazing imagery from Google Maps. A sort of “hot-or-not” for satellite imagery, you can go around the globe finding interesting structures, shapes, and colors, then take snapshots and others will upvote the best images.

There's also a screen saver, to bring you the best images in glorious full-screen resolution: Download here (OS X only for now)

Press: Fast Company HuffPo Pixelogo

2010: A visualization using Google Earth to show what the Gulf Coast oil spill would look like if it happened in your town. The spill was much larger than you probably imagine.
I was a Googler from 2005 to 2010. I started the Google Earth Browser Plugin, to embed the full power of Google Earth into any webpage, and later was Engineering Manager for the Google Maps frontend (the javascript client), focusing on features, site performance, and mobile.

Software Engineer at Dreamworks Animation, 2001-2005. I was Technical Lead of Animation Tools.

Screen credits: Shrek 2, Madagacar, Over the Hedge

I have my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Here's my dissertation, trying to figure out why photographs look like photographs and why computer-generated images don't.
GLUI, my GLUT-based user interface library
View-Dependent Geometry
In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 99.
Also in SIGGRAPH 99 Electronic Theatre.
“Desert Dreams” - Shown at SIGGRAPH 99 Computer Animation Festival.
Multiple-Center-of-Projection Images - In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 98.
Range Image Registration by Consistency of Empty Space
The Reanimatron (grad school fun)
Ray Tracing: Graphics for the Masses. Summer 1997 issue of ACM Crossroads.