(COMP239, Spring 1998)

Originating in the late 1800's, the Reanimatron quickly gained fame throughout Europe as the premier Cellular Reanimation device. Manufactured by H. E. Hoffenstadt, it boasted a simplified control panel which proved quite useful to its largely intellectually-challenged clientele. The Reanimatron became an instant hit as a parlor game, where it was used during parties to resuscitate the main course of one's dinner. It was eventually banned in 1907, after an unfortunate electrocution of one of its most affluent customers - an occurrence that was blamed on "faulty wiring" by the local authorities.

See an animation of the famed Reanimatron, look at the 3D Studio Max scene file , or take a VRML tour of Dr. Hoffenstadt's original lab (here's a slightly higher-resolution model).