Multiple-Center-of-Projection Images

by Paul Rademacher and Gary Bishop

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 98


In image-based rendering, images acquired from a scene are used to represent the scene itself. A number of reference images are required to fully represent even the simplest scene. This leads to a number of problems during image acquisition and subsequent reconstruction. We present the multiple-center-of-projection image, a single image acquired from multiple locations, which solves many of the problems of working with multiple range images.

This work develops and discusses multiple-center-of-projection images, and explains their advantages over conventional range images for image-based rendering. The contributions include greater flexibility during image acquisition and improved image reconstruction due to greater connectivity information. We discuss the acquisition and rendering of multiple-center-of-projection datasets, and the associated sampling issues. We also discuss the unique epipolar and correspondence properties of this class of image.

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